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SWEA Chicago Grant Guidelines

SWEA Chicago awards grants for projects that promote knowledge and understanding of Swedish-American culture and Swedish heritage.

Grant Guidelines
Grants are limited to organizations and individuals based in Illinois

Grants are awarded to special projects and will not exceed $3,000 per applicant.

Grant applications will be accepted annually September 1 through October 31.

A second award will not be granted to an organization for an identical or similar project previously funded by a SWEA grant.

Eligible applicants are limited to one proposal per funding cycle.

Grantees will be required to demonstrate how SWEA will be recognized for its award. This acknowledgement must be clearly visible on all materials, products, documentation, etc.

SWEA Chicago will not grant funding to any project, event or exhibition that starts before October 31.

SWEA Chicago will NOT fund the following:

Personal stories, including self-publishing
Recurring events that are profitable
Endowments, operating budgets, or annual fund drives
Academic/degree studies by individuals or provide academic scholarships for undergraduate or graduate education
A project that is essentially a forum for political advocacy
A project that consists of athletic or sports activities
A project that consists of a religious nature

Grants guidelines – SWEA Chicago