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SWEA Chicago Grant Application

WEB Grants Emblem 300x250The Grant Application must be received by SWEA Chicago’s President no later than October 31. All grant applications will be evaluated by the SWEA Grants Committee and presented at to the Board of Directors. Funding is dependent on the economic situation of SWEA, Chicago.

Applications are accepted annually between September 1 and October 31. All applications are to be received by SWEA’s President no later than October 31. Notification of award decisions will be made to applicants after the annual meeting.

Please address the following topics in a narrative

History of the organization or project
Description of project
Project budget including income, expenses and plans for fundraising
Planned schedule of project

The application packet consists of the two page application form (see below), a narrative documentation and if available up to three pieces of supporting material.

The application must provide information such as names of officers, directors and persons responsible for the project; an outline of the purposes for which the requested funds would be used; and explanation of the context within which your project is being undertaken; and the ways in which the purpose stated above will be served.

The application must include an explanation of how the grant will be acknowledged and publicized.

Successful applicants must report on the project and the use of SWEA funding by February 1st, 2021 (2019 applicants), 2020 (2018 applicants).

Inquires concerning the grants program should be directed to the President of SWEA Chicago (chicago(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

SWEA Chicago Grant – Application